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Our smallholding, Cranbrook, Kent

This is us 2023

Originally posted on Instagram December 2023

Why we specialise in home grown and locally sourced Kentish produce?

Since we started in 2009 we’ve been committed to specialising in home grown locally sourced produce. However in the beginning it wasn’t a conscious decision. It was just something we were good at and had experience doing.

The business was started by myself (Nicci Gurr) and my husband (Julian Gurr). Before we started Home Gurr’own I was working in London for Albert Roux of Roux Fine Dining. There, buying the best locally produced ingredients was ingrained from the start. So it was natural for me to follow this along.

The business started when we took over a smallholding from Julian’s father. He’d farmed the land for over 60 years and was very much part of the community. Call it old fashioned, but growing and selling seasonal produce was the only thing we knew.

Today, we haven’t changed a thing and still have the same ethos we did 15 years ago. Our wedding couples seemed to like what we do so we’ve continued.

What’s so great about Kentish produce?

The quick answer: The taste

You can’t beat the zing and taste of freshly picked produce. Our tomatoes travel 300 metres from John who’s been farming for over 60 years. There’s no pesticides or chemical used and they are given time to ripen and mature naturally & picked perfectly fresh when ready. I’ve been a chef for over 30 years and I’ve never tasted anything better.

In addition, using Kentish produce also means we’re always in season. The local farmers can only grow what the season will support. Ingredients grown in accordance with the prevailing weather means, again, better taste. Our local suppliers don’t try and use chemicals or artificial means to prolong the season.

And another thing that’s great about Kentish produce is the community. Most of the suppliers are our friends. It’s not the same as dealing with a faceless national business. You know and trust the people who produce the ingredients. Every year we help run the Weald of Kent Ploughing Match. The perfect community of friends, farmers and local businesses. Money stays in the local economy and we wouldn’t change a thing. Just perfect.

Produced in Kent member

Our Smallholding

Utilising organic principles, we grow many vegetables from courgettes and chard to asparagus and broad beans. Our crop also includes herbs, chilli plants, and edible flowers. We grow a selection of sunflowers and Cosmos flowers, which we offer for free to wedding couples and our customers.

Julian preparing the raised beds ready for the summer.
Plotting plants ready for the summer
Sophie with flowers for styling a wedding
Julian Gurr planting flowers for the summer months
The raised beds with summer flowers and herbs growing

Our animals

Raised right and free to roam

We have very friendly Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Southdown sheep, Chickens for eggs, bees for honey and mead and 2 geese for security. We make sure they’re all looked after and have plenty of space to roam around in.

Bubbles the farm cat working hard
Shearing our sheep for the summer
Our pigs on our smallholding
Ewe with two baby lambs just born
Our chickens being let out our early morning

Our Staff & kitchen

Over 20 years ago I started my chef career working with Albert Roux of Roux Fine Dining in London. It was here I first learnt the importance of using local seasonal ingredients that are beautifully presented. Almost all the ingredients for your menu are either sourced from the surrounding Kent & East Sussex countryside or grown on our smallholding. This means you get a menu that is unique, fresh & local.

Nicci Gurr,
Head Chef & Owner

Head chef, Nicci preparing a canape for a wedding
Kitchen staff picking herbs from the garden
Prepping for a starter
Chefs, Nicci and Dave in our Cranbrook kitchen
Our Cranbrook kitchen
Alex Tenters Photographer, taking a picture of our staff